Granular Pool Chlorine

Blue Wave Chlorine Granules, Granular Dichlor

Granular Chlorine for use in pools and spas

COMPARE OUR BLUE WAVE GRANULAR POOL CHLORINE TO BIOGUARD®, SUN®, GUARDEX®, AND PACE®. Our pool chlorine sanitizing granules are fast-dissolving, vinyl liner safe and deliver immediate results with a powerful 56% available chlorine. Di-chlor sanitizing granules are stabilized with Cyanuric acid to reduce the loss of free available chlorine caused by the ultraviolet rays of sunlight.  

Premium quality Di-chlor granular chlorine keeps pool and spa water safe and clean by eliminating dangerous contaminants without affecting the pH, leaving cloudy water or residue behind. Pre-dissolve and add directly to pool water. Di-chlor sanitizing chlorine granules may be used as a primary sanitizer or for super chlorination. When using Sodium Di-chlor as a primary sanitizer, we recommended using a different chlorine formula for super chlorination.

Our granular pool chlorine may be broadcast directly across the water surface for any swimming pool type. Granular pool chlorine cannot be used in automatic pool chlorinators. 99.5% Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

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