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Leisure Time Bright & Clear Spa Clarifier 1-Qt.

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Leisure Time® Spa Bright and Clear is formulated to clarify hot tub water by removing suspended particles, soap, oily film and other contaminants that can make water cloudy. Leisure Time® Spa Bright & Clear removes particles that are too small to be caught in the filter through a unique polymer action that forms them together so they may be filtered, restoring sparkle to spa water. Bright and Clear improves your filter’s ability to perform at top efficiency which also reduces sanitizer demand.  It is compatible with all hot tub sanitizers. There is no waiting required after application. We offer fantastic low prices on Bright & Clear and other hot tub maintenance chemicals! 

Recommended Dosage:   Use 2 oz. for spas up to 800 gallons. Use 4 oz. for spas over 800 gallons. 1 Quart 32 oz