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Leisure Time Brom Tabs 4 Lb.

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Leisure Time® Brom Tabs is a form of brominating hydantoin that functions as a micro biocide through the release of active bromine for spas and hot tubs. The small tablets provide a concentrated source of active bromine that is ideal for hot tub sanitizing. They dissolve slowly and evenly, and they fit in most spa tablet floaters, dispensers and feeders to provide continuous disinfection of your spa. Leisure Time® Brom Tabs unique chemistry provides the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor. These low-dusting tabs are formulated based on Dantabrom® chemistry which creates a better dissolution rate in floating feeders for faster bromine residual at spa start-up.

Directions: Using a suitable dispenser adjusted according to the manufacturer’s directions, add Brom Tabs to maintain an active bromine concentration of 2 to 4 ppm in residential spas and 3 - 6 ppm in commercial spas. The amount of product usage will typically vary based on the presence of organic debris, high bather use and other factors. Use reliable test kit or test strips regularly to monitor and maintain the recommended bromine concentration range. We offer fantastic low prices on Bromine Tablets and other hot tub maintenance chemicals!  

Active Ingredients:

1-bromo-3-chloro-5, 5-dimethlhydantoin:            54.2%

1,3-dichloro-5, 5-dimethlydantoin:                       28.9%

1,3-dichloro-5-ethyl-5-methylhydantoin:              15.9%

Other Ingredients:                                                  1.0%

Total Available Halogen as Bromine:        141%

Total Available Halogen as Chlorine:        62.8%

For a newly filled spa or after draining and refilling spa, add 1/2 ounce of sodium bromide per 100 gallons of water to establish a 30 ppm bromide concentration. The bromide addition ensures immediate establishment of an all-bromide system which eliminates chlorinous odors and maximizes skin and eye comfort.

Super oxidation:

Water soluble, non-filterable wastes can accumulate in spa water and cause dull or cloudy water and can stimulate algal growth. Super oxidation or super chlorination with a suitable oxidizing shock treatment should be done on a regular basis to remove these wastes and maintain crystal clear water. The oxidizer we recommend using is Renew, which is potassium peroxymonoperfulfate. Other suitable oxidizing agents are those based on calcium hypochlorite, lithium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite. 

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