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Leisure Time Defender

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Leisure Time® Defender is a proprietary organic polymer formula that inhibits scale forming, mineral build-up and helps to remove existing calcium deposits in spas and hot tubs.

Spa Defender provides a proactive water treatment solution for hot tubs with hard water. The potential for scale build-up is high in hot water conditions. Operating your spa untreated  can cause unsightly calcium and mineral precipitation that affects water flow, clogs filters, causes maintenance issues, reduces heater efficiency, calcifies plumbing lines and develops deposits on spa surfaces. Only 2 oz. of Defender is required to treat hot tubs up to 800 gallons per application to protect your hot tub or spa from maintenance issues caused directly by scale, minerals and dissolved solids.

Defender is part of Leisure Time’s Simple Spa Care to help restore clean, clear water and maintain balanced hot tub water quality keeping calcium and dissolved solids in check. This product is non-foaming and compatible with chlorine, bromine, biguanide and ozone sanitizers. Buy your Defender here at a very low price.

1 Quart/32 oz. bottle