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Leisure Time FREE Biguanide Spa Sanitizer

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FREE Biguanide Sanitizer for Spa and Hot Tubs

Say Goodbye to Chlorine and Bromine Forever!

Using Leisure Time® FREE chlorine-free and bromine-free sanitizer is a highly stable and effective alternative to traditional spa and hot tub sanitizers. Biguanide sanitizer provides safe and consistent control of bacteria and algae in hot tub water and will last longer than chlorine or bromine without odor or unpleasant side effects. FREE is perfect for bathers with sensitive skin, gentle on hair, eyes, swimsuits and hot tub equipment. This is part 3 of the Leisure Time FREE® biguanide sanitizing system.

Ingredients: Poly (Iminoimidocarbonyliminoimide-cartonyliminohexamethylen Hydrochloride) 20%; Other Ingredients: 80%

Start Up Application: Start with a freshly cleaned and filled spa including clean filters. Once any chlorine residual in the water drops to zero, pour product into the spa water at the rate of 1 fl. oz. per 150 of water to establish a sanitizer level of 50 ppm. Circulate for 30 minutes then check the sanitizer level. Adjust sanitizer if necessary and properly balance the water.

Weekly: Test water and add as needed to maintain a sanitizer residual of 30-50 ppm at all times. When the level is 30 ppm or less, add enough of this product to bring the level up to 50 ppm. To raise sanitizer level 10 ppm add 0.2 fl. oz. per 150 gallons of spa water.

Compatible With: The Leisure Time Free® sanitizing system or biguanide based sanitizing systems.

16 oz. bottle

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