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Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Filter Clean 1-Pt.

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Leisure Time® Instant Cartridge Clean is a fast-acting spray and rinse formula for cleaning spa and hot tub filter cartridge elements. It allows you clean the filter element easily within minutes instead of overnight soaking. When applied, the new color indicator in the spray gives visual verification of coverage.

Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Clean breaks down filter accumulations of oil and lotions, calcium, scale, minerals and other debris so they can be easily rinsed away. It is compatible with all spa sanitizers. Use monthly or more frequently is depending on spa and hot tub use. Regular use of Instant Cartridge Clean helps to extend your spa cartridge filter life and increase filter efficiency. 

Directions for use: Remove your cartridge filter element and thoroughly rinse away loose debris using a garden hose. Spray the filter element with Instant Cartridge Clean until completely saturated. After approximately 5 minutes, rinse completely to remove any remaining detergent or spa foaming may occur. Repeat cleaning procedure for heavily soiled filters. 

16 fl. oz. bottle with trigger spray applicator