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Leisure Time Renew Oxidizer Tabs - 1.75 lb

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Leisure Time® Renew Tabs are a non-chlorine oxidizer shock treatment for hot tubs and spas. Renew Tabs are convenient and easy to use. No measuring required! Just add 3 tablets into the water for each 250 gallons of hot tub capacity and run the spa for 15 minutes with the spa cover off. Renew Tabs fast-dissolving effervescent action destroys microorganisms and  breaks down residual oils, soaps, deodorants and organic compounds like chloramines and ammonias which cause odors. Renew Tablets are compatible with spa chlorine, bromine, ozone, mineral sanitizers and does not affect pH balance. Renew Tabs non-chlorine shock treatment works instantly, with only minutes of spa down time. Apply after each spa use or once a week to help maintain odor free clear water. We offer fantastic low prices on Renew Tabs and other hot tub maintenance chemicals!  

Contains OXONE® by DuPont

Active Ingredient: potassium peroxymonosulfate 32.25% Other Ingredients: 67.75%