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Leisure Time Reserve Sodium Bromide 1-Qt.

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RESERVE Creates An Instant Bromide Bank For Spas And Hot Tubs! 

Add Leisure Time® Reserve liquid sodium bromide at start-up of a freshly filled spa or hot tub to build an instant stable bank of bromide in the water.  Just add Renew oxidizer shock immediately after adding Reserve to activate it. Leisure Time® Reserve is to be used in conjunction with Renew shock as part of a 2-part spa sanitation system that is completely chlorine free. Reserve liquid sodium bromide is not a disinfectant by itself. Once Renew oxidizer has been added to the hot tub water a reaction will occur which forms a bromine solution that destroys any microorganisms present. Test and maintain a bromine reading of 1-3 ppm. 

Active Ingredient: Sodium Bromide: 32.2%, Other Ingredients: 67.8%
Spa Start-up: Add 4 ozs. per 250 gallons initially directly into the spa water. Weekly Maintenance: Add 1 oz. per 250 gallons.

1-quart bottle