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Leisure Time pH Balance Plus 3-Lb.

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Leisure Time® pH Balance Plus is a breakthrough in spa water treatment technology. This unique granular formulation locks-in spa and hot tub water pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 for 3 months.  Leisure Time® pH Balance Plus eliminates pH drift and continuous adjustment. Maintaining proper pH balance helps to protect spa components against scale and aggressive water conditions, enhances sanitizer performance and effectivness. pH Balance makes managing the pH for spa and hot tub water super easy from refill to refill. pH Balance Plus is effective even in hard water above 150ppm.

Active Ingredients: Boric Acid 97.98%  Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous 2.02%

Application: Balance hot tub water between 7.0-8.0 then add 1-1/2 Lb per 250 gallons. Turn on spa jets and circulate 15 minutes. 

3 LB Jar