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Easy Pool Care Guide




The key element to safe and clear water is to develop a pool care routine. Follow the Blue Wave Easy Pool Care Program and take the hassle out of your pool care! Swimming pools are to be fun, not another long weekend project to do. First, make sure that your pool filtration system is functioning properly, with clean skimmer and pump baskets and good water flow. We recommend that you run the filtration system a minimum of 8 to 12 hours each day.

Pool Care That's Quick, Simple and Effective

STEP 1.) WATER  BALANCE – To ensure the effectiveness of pool sanitizers, the pool water must be pH balanced. This is the first and most important step of our Easy Pool Care™ program. Adjust the Total Alkalinity to the proper level before addressing the pH level. Many find balancing the pH level difficult because they do not achieve this first. To raise a low total alkalinity, use alkalinity increaser. High levels of total alkalinity are lowered using pH reducer. pH reducer lowers both total alkalinity and pH. Now test and adjust the pH level as needed. If the pH is below 7.2 use Blue Wave pH Increaser to raise this level. If the pH is above 7.6 use Blue Wave pH Reducer to lower it. The dosage application is on each container label.

STEP 2.) SANITIZE – To maintain clean, clear  water that is safe for swimming use your choice of Blue Wave chemicals powerful chlorine sanitizers. We offer stabilized chlorinated products in convenient types and sizes. You decide which product to use based on how you want to dispense it into the pool. Use Blue Wave 3” chlorine tablets, 1" small chlorine tablets, and chlorinating sticks in automatic chlorinators, floating dispensers or skimmers. Broadcast chlorine sanitizing granules across the surface of the pool water daily. Blue Wave chlorine tablets and sticks are the most efficient sanitizer to use. The tablets and sticks are compressed and hard pounded to dissolve slowly which steadily releases free chlorine. All Blue Wave chlorine sanitizers have stabilizer added, to help protect chlorine from the damaging UV rays of sunlight, which makes the sanitizer last longer and work more effectively.

STEP 3.) SHOCK – Super-chlorinate, or shock your pool a minimum of once per week using your choice of Blue Wave Blast-Out, Burst or Blitz shock treatment. Pick a day of the week and designate this day to shock your pool. These full-strength pool shock treatments will quickly oxidize excess contaminants to restore free available chlorine, kill algae, prevent cloudy and dull water, remove chlorine odor, and help prevent eye and skin irritation. These contaminants build up, keeping chlorine from effectively sanitizing the water. A treatment of Burst or Blast-Out shock once a week will oxidize excessive contaminants, restore free available chlorine level, and keep your water crystal clear. Blue Wave shock treatments will also kill and oxidize algae in the water. Compared to Blast-Out, Burst shock does not bleach vinyl liners, affect the pH or increase the calcium hardness level, making it ideal for pools with liners or hard water. For pool owners that would prefer a non-chlorine shock, we offer Blitz safety shock as a chlorine-free alternative. Blitz is very effective for weekly maintenance and you can swim immediately after treatment. Using shock treatments at least once a week will oxidize excessive contaminants, restore free available chlorine level, and keep your water crystal clear all season long. Shock treatments are packaged in convenient 1-lb. per-measured bags.

STEP 4.) ALGAE CONTROL – The best way to combat algae is prevention. Controlling algae before it grows is critical to keeping a pool clear and inviting. Use any of our algaecides to backup your pool sanitation should proper chlorine levels drop or maintenance is lacking. We recommend using Blue Wave Halt 50 Algaecide. For prevention, its unique formula will stop algae in its tracks. This powerful, super-concentrated algaecide kills all types of algae. Halt 50 algaecide is non-metallic algaecide that is very concentrated and low foaming. In fact, one quart will treat up to 240,000 gallons! Use Halt 50 once per week to prevent all types of pool algae.