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Pool Chemicals!

Our swimming pool chemicals are trusted by millions of pool owners to keep their water clear and safe! Our pool chemicals are right on the money! You will not find the high quality Blue Wave pool or spa chemical line being sold by mass merchants. Blue Wave® pool chemicals are only available through authorized dealers.

Blue Wave Chemicals brings you only the finest quality pool chemicals because they are manufactured using only the purest ingredients, This is our specialty! We give you the most value for your dollar! Our pool chemicals will not stain your swimming pool, cause cloudy water, or excessive foaming unlike other low performance look-alikes. This eliminates some of the frustration and anxieties many owners experience after treating the pool.

Quality Pool Chemicals Means Lower Cost: Our premium quality spa and pool chemicals are concentrated to do the job as you expect. Our pool shock is super strong! Our 3 inch chlorine tablets feature premium stabilized chlorine with U.V. protection, plus they are super slow-dissolving pool chlorine tablets. It is the strongest pool chlorine tablet you can buy! Compare our chlorine chemicals to brands like Pace®, Sun®, Guardex®, Leslies®, E-Z Chlor® and BioGuard®. Our liquid pool chemical products are also super concentrated, not watered down. For example, you will find that one quart of the our pool algaecidewater clarifierstain and scale or metal control will treat twice as many gallons of pool water as one gallon of another chemical brand purchased at most mass merchants. It may seem convenient to buy some of your pool chemicals at a mass merchant, just because you are there shopping. However, you can save much more if you resist the urge, save some money and purchase only concentrated pool and spa chemicals. Our products may be cheap pool chemicals as far as price is concerned, but they will always do the job you expect the first time and without performance issues. They will treat more gallons of water and last longer for less money!


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