Pool Chemical Kits


Blue Wave Spring pool start-up opening kitSpring pool opening start-up kits contain everything you need to open your swimming pool easy this spring. We’ve pre-formulated and pre-measured each pool opening kit to fit your pool size. All you have to do is pour each pool chemical into the water as instructed. Plus, unlike many other spring pool start-up kits, Blue Wave® pool opening kits “packs a punch” with super-strong BURST (dichlor) pool shock. After the winter months it is important to rid your swimming pool of the dangerous bacteria and contaminants that have built up. BURST will do the job in any pool type! Each pool opening kit comes complete with opening instructions. Choose the pool start-up chemical kit that best fits your swimming pool size (see contents below). Remember that the liquid chemicals in each opening kit have been concentrated for a single dose application.


Blue Wave Pool Winter Closing KitThese handy winter pool closing kits are everything you need to close your swimming pool this fall. All pool winterizing kits are formulated for specific pool sizes - just order the pool closing kit to fit your pool capacity. We offer two types of winter pool closing kits; a chlorine based kit and a non-chlorine based kit. Close your swimming pool properly this fall and ensure a sparkling clean water next spring with Arctic Armor's Pool Winterizing Kit, featuring Blue Wave pool chemicals. All pool winterization kits include free pool closing instructions.

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