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Pool Shock - Blast-Out for Rapid Chlorination


Using granular chlorine to superchlorinate the water is commonly refered to as "pool shock". Using it correctly when needed is the secret to a having successful swim season! Swimmers, rainfall, sunlight, heat and debris deplete chlorine in your swimming pool water. All of these reduce your pool chlorine sanitizer’s ability to maintanin safe and clear water. This powerful, full strength Calcium-Hypochlorite chlorine oxidizes these contaminates and replenishes the free-available-chlorine (FAC) level. Pool shocking restores your chlorine’s power and makes the water safe to swim.

Pool shock eliminates noxious chlorine odors, skin irritations, and eye-burning problems that come from having too little chlorine. In fact, if you smell chlorine while swimming, there is not enough chlorine to oxidize the organic matter and chloramines. Blue Wave Blast-Out pool shock is the fast solution!

For a trouble-free season; Superchlorinate the water at least once every 7 to 10 days under normal conditions and more frequently during prolonged periods of hot sunny weather, after periods of heavy rainfall, or after heavy bather loads.

Blue Wave Blast Out swimming pool shock treatment provides fast chlorination to keep your pool water algae-free and clear!  
Compare Blast Out Pool Shock to Sock It®, Burn Out®, Sun Burn®, Super-Chlorinator®, and Power Powder®. This powerful pool shock treatment has 65% available chlorine, zaps organic pollutants, bacteria, and algae. Chlorine pool shock provides a quick chlorine boost at an economical price.

This chlorine pool shock treatment is perfect for spring start-up and winterization too! The active ingredient is Calcium Hypochlorite. You should pre-mix Cal-Hypo chlorine pool shock with water prior to treatment to avoid bleaching vinyl liners. Dosage: 1 lb. treats 10,000 gallons.

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